How We Can Help You

Our goal here at Steadfast Falconry is to save you time, money, and headache.  Steadfast Falconry will not only spare you thousands of dollars in damage, clean up, unsuccessful deterrents, crop loss, and sometimes state or local fines, but we will also do it during a time that is most convenient for your business.

We at Steadfast Falconry perform our eco-friendly pest control by utilizing highly trained raptors and dogs.  The falconers at Steadfast Falconry train these captive bred predatory animals to scare the unwanted pests off of your property.  While our dogs work to prevent the avian pest from taking cover in bushes or ponds, the raptors command the air space, driving the unwanted birds from the area.  We do not hunt the targeted species. 

All Falconers at Steadfast Falconry have undergone a minimum 2-year apprenticeship in which they prove to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife that they are more than capable of working with raptors in a competent, safe and humane manner.