Steadfast Falconry’s team of experienced falconers will provide you with the highest standard of wildlife control thanks to our unwavering work ethic, dedication to the trade and passion for customer satisfaction. 

​Do you have farmland that is suffering because birds are destroying your crops?​ Are you losing business because Gulls are attacking your guests? Have you been forced to clean multiple times a day because there is bird feces staining your property? Look no further! Steadfast Falconry will implement the services necessary to keep these pest birds at bay.​  Professional falconry-based bird abatement is the only humane and effective solution for removing nuisance birds.  Highly trained and Federally Licensed Master and General Falconers work closely with trained raptors and dogs to put pressure on the migratory birds so they will vacate the premises, providing our customers the peace of mind that their property and patrons are safe from avian pests in an environmentally friendly manner.   

-Our Mission-

During harvest time, prevent flocks of pest birds from decimating crops.

Museums, Factories & HOAs

Golf Courses, Hotels & Resorts

Farmland & Vineyards

​​Welcome to Steadfast Falconry!

Stop spending hours cleaning up after pest birds. 

Eliminate grass damage and hinder pest birds from harassing guests.